Santa Tracker Comes to Windsor
March 4th, 2022
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Having heard the good news about PlowOps’ success in Castle Rock, we partnered with the Town of Windsor, Colorado and Santa to track his visits in December 2021. We helped to assure the children eagerly awaiting Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick wouldn’t be waiting for hours in the cold or miss him entirely.

Windsor’s Santa professionals had run into issues sharing his location when using Facebook Live. With only a week’s notice from Windsor, PlowOps provided the tablets needed for Santa to share his location throughout the visit in real time. Our Santa Tracker is based on the same platform cities, counties, and DOTs use to successfully track and manage their snow removal operations. Riding on his shiny red fire truck, it only took a few taps for the children to know when to go outside with their parents. PlowOps also provided the Windsor Fire Department with a link showing Santa’s location so it could be shared with parents via Facebook and Instagram.

We also helped the Town of Windsor to quickly overcome a few hiccups with the tracker. On the second night of Santa’s visit, the tablets had been left in the vehicle overnight and lost their charge. Once this issue was caught, Windsor’s Santa trackers brought the tablets in and kept them warm so the third night went off without a hitch. PlowOps also assisted in handling tracking when Amazon went down so it had zero impact on parents and children seeing Santa.

The Town of Windsor was so happy to see Santa and stay current on his location throughout his visit. Parents shared their excitement with the map and how enjoyable the whole experience was. The Town of Windsor intends to continue using the Santa Tracker for years to come, and we can’t wait to give an update on his visit in December 2022.