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PlowOps Helps Castle Rock Defeat Epic Thanksgiving Snowstorm

Snowstorms cause all kinds of driving issues. On Nov. 26, 2019 in Colorado, such a storm made the roads extremely difficult, except in the Town of Castle Rock. Why? Because PlowOps helped Castle Rock’s dedicated team of snow fighters save the day.

The two-day storm dropped 24 inches in the Denver metro area and 33 inches in other parts of the state. Commutes lasted longer than normal and led to many crashes, further complicating the roads.

During its first run, snowplow drivers accessed PlowOps via Android tablets, paired with highly accurate GPS receivers. The data then went to a real-time management dashboard in the Castle Rock central dispatch office, where staff used a mapping console to manage all road-plowing assignments.

This meant no roads were over plowed or missed, allowing for an efficient plowing process, avoiding the issues seen in Denver.

The city also provided a public website so residents viewed progress on all streets in the city as they were plowed, along with ETAs for when others would be cleaned. This allowed Castle Rock drivers to avoid any dangerous roads, mitigate potential crashes, and stay safe during the snowstorm.

It was an all-around success for both PlowOps and Castle Rock. Want more details before you consider investing in it for your city?

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