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PlowOps Data Drives the Town of Mead, Colorado

When Chris Larmon started working at the Town of Mead more than two decades ago, plow operations were simple. But that once quiet Colorado town has since quadrupled in size, and the Public Works Department battles to keep up with high service level expectations.

Chris brought in NeoTreks Plow Ops to collect data that will help him keep up with demands, enhance safety and justify increasing the winter operations budget to the town’s Board of Directors. With NeoTreks Plow Ops, Chris will be able to effectively communicate how much plowing work is being done around town, including:

  • Miles plowed
  • Hours worked
  • Days worked
  • Estimated fuel consumption

Along with tracking data, NeoTreks Plow Ops allows Chris and his team to keep a record of all communications to and from plow drivers in the field. These event logs will help track any incidents on the road so they can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

“With Plow Ops, we can get items out of memory and into tracking,” said Chris Larmon, Operations Manager at the Town of Mead Public Works Department. “With the right tools, we can do our part to keep the town safe.”

By leveraging the power of NeoTreks Plow Ops, Chris can compile a holistic report at the end of the winter season. By presenting the right information to the town’s Board of Directors, Chris will be able to successfully communicate why he needs increased budget and manpower to keep the town running smoothly.

According to Michael E. Bullock, President & CEO at NeoTreks, the pilot project with the Town of Mead, “demonstrates that NeoTreks Plow Ops is an affordable, scalable solution that can provide value to organizations of all sizes.”





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