Newest Version of PlowOps Released - Fall 2021
September 1st, 2021
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Today, NeoTreks is excited to announce the latest version of our PlowOps application. New features that will improve your winter operations include:

  • Fleet-wide communications
  • Enhanced route visualization
  • New Insights reporting
  • New Road Status Maps showing time and frequency-based route status (another first in the market!)
  • Redesigned driver application and management dashboard.

"We're very excited about this latest release. In addition to several very innovative features that we have been working on over the summer months, it also includes many new features and usability updates originating directly from customer feedback" says Austin Mulder, NeoTreks' Vice President of SaaS Products. "Out of the box, PlowOps provides everything you need to digitize your winter operations, whether you're a large state DOT or a municipality with just a handful of vehicles."

Optimize Your Snow Plow Tracking in Real-Time with PlowOps

Our best-in-class snow removal service software revolutionizes how public works departments and municipalities track their snow plows in real-time. With PlowOps, supervisors have access to the location of all trucks minute-by-minute, as well as a bird's eye view of what's happening on the roads. No more manual processes to update the public - city officers can provide accurate information to citizens in real time so everyone stays safe.

PlowOps Value to Your Organization

Safety, efficiency, and transparency are what PlowOps is all about.

1. Safety

Using PlowOps, municipalities assure citizens stay safe by providing real-time data. The mobile application also requires city drivers to provide their name at the start of each shift and will allow access to substitute drivers when needed. To keep drivers safe, the application requires a pre-check and post-check form before starting and completing a shift. Our mobile application is also distraction-free, allowing drivers to report observations back to the admin dashboard with a single button tap.

2. Efficiency

We optimize snow plow tracking, which allows for city workers to clear the roads and prevent multiple plows on the same roads. Every plow vehicle has an Android tablet running our software, paired with high-accuracy GPS receivers. These tablets send data to a management dashboard used by municipal dispatch and other personnel who handle plowing assignments. Our solution mitigates repetitive plowing when unnecessary and allows for more clearance at a quicker rate.

3. Transparency

Our software allows supervisors to view reports on hours worked by snow plows with detailed GPS tracking on the path of the fleet throughout the city. The real-time data also feeds into a public website so residents can see which streets are cleared and the ETA for others on a plow's path. As a result, investing money in PlowOps leads to significant time and money savings for the city.

For a case study of a city currently using our technology, check out the work we do in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Ready to Learn More?

Optimizing performance has never been easier than it is now with our snow removal service software. Ready to invest in our snow plow tracker to keep everyone in your city safe? Then please reach out to us today.