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Montgomery County, MD Leverages Plow Ops Year Round!

Our partners in Montgomery County, MD understand the importance of public accountability during the winter.

“Snow takes on a life of its own,” said Isiah Leggett, executive at Montgomery County. “And, oftentimes, politicians and governments have been measured by snow and our ability to move it.”

While a majority of return on investment will come from winter operations, fleet managers are excited to use PlowOps features and functionality year round. This fall, Montgomery County has improved transparency and accountability for a variety of activities that require asset tracking—tree trimming and leaf collection to name a few.

We receive a lot of questions about how our snow plow tracking app can be used for landscaping applications, as well as road maintenance applications like manhole covers and sign maintenance. We’re happy to say that Plow Ops can support you outside of the winter season as well.

“While PlowOps was designed from the ground up to specialize in plowing operations, we also designed it to support other common applications.” commented Michael Bullock, NeoTreks’ president & CEO, “This makes our new product such a great value for our customers.”

Regardless of the season, the benefits remain the same: PlowOps helps your organization increase safety and efficiency by improving operational awareness, streamlining route assignments and enhancing communication.

It’s no wonder so many organizations turn to our PlowOps snow plow tracking app to transform the way they work.

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