How PlowOps Modernizes Snow Removal - A Case Study
March 17th, 2021
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Imagine being able to effectively track your plows’ or fleets’ KPIs and their operational efficiency with real-time reporting. Well, there’s no imagination needed because we have the solution ready and available for you. For example, PlowOps helps the Town of Castle Rock, Colorado provide real-time, transparent information on cleared roads during storm events. This municipality previously struggled with keeping their citizens informed with snow plowing statuses for major and minor roads. Their Department of Transportation (DOT) had no way to keep track of where the snow plows were and how long it would take to finish clearing a road. When they implemented our solution, these issues disappeared!

The results speak for themselves. By using PlowOps, Castle Rock keeps their citizens current on snow plow driver progress via the web portal in real-time, allowing them to see a map where routes are clear and others are not. Our solution also allows citizens to input a specific address using our snow plow specialized Google Maps interface. Best of all, they can access our maps from a desktop or smartphone - this is essential for those already on the road, looking for a safe way to get somewhere. This functionality has allowed the DOT to minimize wrecks, respond quickly to customer questions, and improve satisfaction during major snow events.

For those who need concrete numbers before investing, we have some metrics from our work in Castle Rock that are hard to beat. PlowOps has allowed the town’s plow managers and city officials to handle snow vehicles, drivers and coordination efforts more efficiently. Statistics include:

  • 26 vehicles managed
  • 46 drivers throughout town
  • 71,112 miles of road with snow removed
  • 12,340 man hours total to clear roads

Take Your Operations to the Next Level

Ready to hear more? PlowOps is a subscription-based solution for organizations like yours to manage snow removal activities. You can use our online dashboard in any browser - desktop or mobile - to track where drivers are, manage activities during snowstorms, define routes for snow removal drivers, and track snow plow routes in real time. This information can also be shared with citizens so everyone stays safe.

PlowOps also allows agencies to develop and assign specific routes to their drivers, so the most important roads receive attention first. This cuts down on time spent potentially sending multiple drivers to the same street or missing a major road entirely. Our solution also makes it easy to train new plow operators - they just have to use a mobile application! No more utilizing physical maps with highlights. Also, our modern solution allows managers to send emergency communication and notifications quickly and in real-time. This keeps everyone - citizens and plow operation drivers - safe during a major snowstorm.

Ready to Invest?

Castle Rock is only one of the cities where we have improved snow removal operations. Want to add your city to our list and improve customer experiences during snowstorms? Then please get in touch with us today. You can reach out to us for a Discovery Consultation, demo, or instructions on steps to sign up and join our program. If you need more information before plunging in, think about trying one of our demo kits. You can get in touch with us at or complete a walkthrough request.