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How Castle Rock Welcomed Santa Safely in 2020

Plow operators, drivers, and whole cities always look forward to when Santa comes to town. Castle Rock, Colorado is no exception, so in December 2020, PlowOps pitched in to track Santa’s movements. Jolly Ol’ St. Nick visited every neighborhood to give gifts and hugs to the children, helping families in need and staying safe on the road.

How did Santa keep from slipping and sliding from house to house? Well, that’s where PlowOps came in! We set him up with a nice red ride, a firetruck, with two vehicle escorts to make the way for his arrival. This acted as an extra present for his reindeer, as they got to enjoy some food and relaxation while Santa used alternate means of transport. Utilizing PlowOps, Santa stayed on the safe, dry roads and only navigated on slippery roads when he had to get to certain families - no one could be left out.

PlowOps is a subscription-based snow plowing solution designed to help organizations like yours and Santa’s manage operations. The online dashboard runs in any modern web browser and tracks driver locations, storm events, clean plow routes, routes in plow progress. This technology keeps everyone - Santa, families, and plow operation managers - current on which roads are safe and when others will be ready to drive on.

For this special Christmas season, PlowOps made a map just to track Santa so families could see where he was on his journey throughout Castle Rock. Our staff worked overtime to produce a magical map for Santa and families to enjoy - with tremendous results.

Santa’s visits were timed as shown below:

  • Saturday, December 12th: The Meadows, Red Hawk, Downtown, Woodlands/Escavera neighborhoods
  • Tuesday, December 15th: Metzler Ranch, Diamond Ridge, and Sapphire Pointe neighborhoods
  • Wednesday, December 16th: Terrain and Cobblestone Ranch neighborhoods
  • Thursday, December 17th: Plumb Creek and Crystal Valley neighborhoods
  • Friday, December 18th: Founders Village and Castlewood Ranch

We enjoyed seeing all the happy families enjoy a safe visit from Santa with PlowOps’ help. Want to keep your citizens posted on Santa’s route next Christmas? Think about investing in PlowOps, so we can keep Santa and your families safe during the next holiday season!





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