Q. What type of mobile devices do I need in order to track my drivers and make assignments?

A. Any modern Android or Apple phone or tablet will work. You can allow your users to bring their own devices, or you can utilize devices already owned by your organization.

Q. How do I set up my organization? What software do I need to install?

A. Getting started with PlowOps is extremely simple. Because everything runs in the cloud, there is no desktop software to purchase or install. Simply start your free trial, add your users, upload your plow routes and you’re all set.

Q. I have 25 drivers and four supervisors in my organization. How much will PlowOps cost?

A. PlowOps costs $15/month per user. Your organization has a total of 29 users, resulting in only $435/month, with an annual cost of $5,220.

Q. Where do I download the mobile applications?

A. The mobile applications can be found on Google Play Store and iTunes by searching for “PlowOps.”

The Challenge

Snow plowing operations are difficult. Uncertain storm events make it hard to plan. Rapidly changing road and weather conditions make operations chaotic. And emergency situations need to be handled safely, quickly and efficiently.

Simply communicating with plow drivers to understand status, location and critical events can be a challenge. And traditional tracking systems require expensive, complex hardware and software just to get started.

The Solution

PlowOps is a low-cost snow plow tracking solution that improves the safety and efficiency of your snow plowing operations—without the need to purchase and maintain costly hardware and software. With PlowOps, you can:

  • Enhance Operational Awareness
    Know driver status and location, and view real-time conditions reports.
  • Know driver status and location, and view real-time conditions reports.
    Improved route management and optimization help you increase productivity, all while reducing costs.
  • Communicate Safely and Effectively
    Safely communicate with plow drivers using status buttons in the app with geo-tagged status reports of weather and road conditions, and critical events.

Don’t Just React to Storms. Prepare for Them.

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Manage Storms

When a new storm is forecasted, create a new storm event and start managing all your assignments and driver communications through PlowOps

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